CBD: Free for You and Me

I’m thrilled to announce that the 2018 Farm Bill (which legalizes hemp federally) has just been signed into law today! And, with that, I’m making a new commitment to my community.

Like many of you, I had heard about cannabinoids for decades, but it wasn’t really until I started researching it personally when I was taking CBD for mental focus, and my mother started taking it during stage 4 of her cancer treatment several years ago, that I started to appreciate the true power of this plant medicine. It literally changed my life and helped my mother.

During my research into CBD, I learned that there are several major challenges preventing Americans from discovering CBD.

First, most people don’t know about it. And, if they do, they can’t access it easily. Even when they can access it, they most likely can’t afford it. That’s why I spent months visiting hemp farms and extraction facilities across the United States and on the seemingly endless prairies of Canada looking at how it might be possible to drive down the cost of CBD rich hemp extract. That’s when I discovered that the barriers to cost and access were created not by how expensive it is to grow this plant, but by a complicated interplay between big-pharma and outdated laws. The historic illegality has driven prices sky-high. But most sellers of CBD rich hemp extract are still using pricing models that are way too high. And that’s hurting people who are on tight budgets because many can’t afford it.

If there is any plant molecule deserving of the term miracle, it would indeed be CBD. There are countless stories of it improving people’s emotional and physical health and offering a second chance at a happy, healthy life.

So, instead of waiting for the status quo to change, I’m changing it myself. Right now I want to give everyone the opportunity to shift their own health, and their way of imagining our collective future.

I can’t think of a better way to do this and to celebrate the national legalization of hemp and CBD than to give something back to our country — a nation in emotional and physical suffering.

That’s why I have pledged to give away $1,000,000* worth of my company’s CBD products to the general public.


In the United States, we need a new set of rules. We need to make a radical difference in how we look at our health. The US spends $3.3 trillion on health care. And, as we now know, an enormous amount of our disease is directly caused by the pharmaceuticals and food chemicals we put in our bodies. Big Pharma and Big Food, which helped get us into this state of dire sickness are entrenched in their do-harm-if-it’s-legal-and-profitable paradigm.

I’m grateful that I have the ability to make a gift like this. And I am honored to be a part of the solution to our nation’s suffering because, like all of us, I think we can do better.

I think we can achieve the health and wellness we deserve. And I think we can achieve this with the mentally and physically health-giving gifts CBD provides. How we bring humanity back into harmony with one another, ourselves personally and with the world is the goal. And CBD is a key godsend.

I’m doing this for America because I know just how powerful CBD can be.

As a society, we need a new way of thinking. We must begin with our own bodies — with our self-knowledge and awareness of what is possible. I think CBD opens vistas of new possibilities.

We’re in this together.

– Klee

For more information on CBD, you can read my book, Pain Nation.


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