Are We Living in a Simulation? - Full

Are We Living in a Simulation? - Part 7 - Deep Learning & Emergence Theory

Are We Living in a Simulation? - Part 6A - Cosmological Framework

Part 5 - The Self-Simulation Hypothesis

Chapter 4 Simulation vs self-simulation

Chapter 3 AI part 2

Chapter 3 AI part 1

Chapter 2: Understanding our universe

Chapter 1: Doom and Gloom

Arabic 4

Arabic 3B

Arabic 2

Arabic 2

Arabic 1

भाग 3B - कृत्रिम बुद्धि

भाग 3A - कृत्रिम बुद्धि

भाग 2 - क्या यूएफओ हमारे वंशज हैं?

भाग 1 - कयामत और निराशा

第 4 部分 - 模拟假说与自我模拟假说

第 3B 部分 - 人工智能

第 3A 部分 - 人工智能

第 2 部分 – UFO外星人是我们的后代吗

第 1 部分 – 厄运与阴霾

Part 6B - Cosmological Framework

Partie 4 - Simulation vs. D'Auto-Simulation

Part 3B - Intelligence Artificielle

Part 3A - Intelligence Artificielle

Partie 2 - Les ovnis sont-ils nos descendants?

Partie 1 - Fin Du Monde Et Désespoir?

Parte 4 – Inteligencia Artificial

Parte 3B – Inteligencia Artificial

Parte 3A – Inteligencia Artificial

Parte 2 – ¿Son Los Ovnis Nuestros Descendientes?

Parte 1 – Condenar y Oscuridad

Codes to Simple programs in Self-simulation

Simple programs QC cycle clocks

Bending the second law

Not exactly first principles

Emergence Theory part 1

Emergence Theory part 2

Emergence Theory part 3

Emergence Theory part 4

Emergence Theory part 5

Emergence Theory part 6

Unification of Physics and Number Theory

Quantum Clocks 1

Quantum Clocks 2

Quantum Clocks 3

Quantum Thermodynamics of Discrete Spacetime and Quasiparticles in Emergence Theory

toward the geometry of group theoretic

the cabibo angle links

emergence theory and general relativity conceptual approaches

the code that animates reality

Special relativity conceptual appraoches

principle of efficient language 1

principle of efficient language 2

principle of efficient language 3

action horizon shell model

Exceptional Lie Groups explained

Why Use an 8-Dimensional Shape to Describe 3-Dimensional Reality?

The Shell Growth Model

20 group twists

Quantum Walk on a Spin Network, and the Golden Ratio As the Fundamental Constant of Nature

QGR research overview

Phason Dynamics and Experiments with Cut-and-Project


How big can conscious systems be

Is reality code theoretic

Quasicrystalline nature of consciousness

Scientific Clues we are living in the matrix




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