Year: 2016

Heterotic Supergravity with Internal Almost-Kahler Configurations and Gauge SO(32), or E8xE8, Instantons

Heterotic supergravity with (1+3)-dimensional domain wall configurations and (warped) internal, 6-dimensional, almost-Kahler manifolds 6X are studied. Considering on 10-dimensional spacetime, nonholonomic distributions with conventional double fibrations, 2+2+…=2+2+3+3, and associated SU(3) structures on internal space, we generalize for real, internal, almost symplectic gravitational structures the constructions with gravitational and gauge instantons of tanh-kink type. They include […]

Starobinsky Inflation and Dark Energy and Dark Matter Effects from Quasicrystal Like Spacetime Structures

The goal of this work on mathematical cosmology and geometric methods in modified gravity theories, MGTs, is to investigate Starobinsky-like inflation scenarios determined by gravitational and scalar field configurations mimicking quasicrystal, QC, like structures. Such spacetime aperiodic QCs are different from those discovered and studied in solid state physics but described by similar geometric methods. […]

Golden, Quasicrystalline, Chiral Packings of Tetrahedra

Since antiquity, the packing of convex shapes has been of great interest to many scientists and mathematicians. Recently, particular interest has been given to packings of three-dimensional tetrahedra. Dense packings of both crystalline and semi-quasicrystalline have been reported. It is interesting that a semiquasicrystalline packing of tetrahedra can emerge naturally within a thermodynamic simulation approach. […]

The Unexpected Fractal Signatures in Fibonacci Chains

Quasicrystals are fractal due to their self similar property. In this paper, a new cycloidal fractal signature possessing the cardioid shape in the Mandelbrot set is presented in the Fourier space of a Fibonacci chain with two lengths, $L$ and $S$, where $L/S = \phi$. The corresponding pointwise dimension is 0.7. Various modifications, such as […]

An Icosohedral Quasicrystal and E8 Derived Quasicrystals

We present the construction of an icosahedral quasicrystal, a quasicrystalline spin network, obtained by spacing the parallel planes in an icosagrid with the Fibonacci sequence. This quasicrystal can also be thought of as a golden composition of five sets of Fibonacci tetragrids. We found that this quasicrystal embeds the quasicrystals that are golden compositions of […]