Year: 2013

Periodic Modification of the Boerdijk-Coxeter Helix (Tetrahelix)

The Boerdijk-Coxeter helix is a helical structure of tetrahedra which possesses no non-trivial translational or rotational symmetries. In this document, we develop a procedure by which this structure is modified to obtain both translational and rotational (upon projection) symmetries along/about its central axis. We report the finding of several, distinct periodic structures, and focus on […]

Cabinet of Curiosities: The Interesting Geometry of the Angle β = arccos((3φ – 1)/4)

In this paper, we present the construction of several aggregates of tetrahedra. Each construction is obtained by performing rotations on an initial set of tetrahedra that either (1) contains gaps between adjacent tetrahedra, or (2) exhibits an aperiodic nature. Following this rotation, gaps of the former case are “closed” (in the sense that faces of […]