Year: 2014

A New Approach to the Hard Problem of Consciousness: A Quasicrystalline Language of “Primitive Units of Consciousness” in Quantized Spacetime

The hard problem of consciousness must be approached through the ontological lens of 20th-century physics, which tells us that reality is information theoretic and quantized at the level of Planck scale spacetime. Through careful deduction, it becomes clear that information cannot exist without consciousness – the awareness of things. And to be aware is to […]

Eight Things a First Principles Theory of Everything Should Possess

A first principles theory of everything has never been achieved. An E8 derived code of quantized spacetime could meet the following suggested requirements: (1) First principles explanation of time dilation, inertia, the magnitude of the Planck constant and the speed of light (2) First principles explanation of conservation laws and gauge transformation symmetry. (3) Must […]

An Icosohedral Quasicrystal as a Packing of Regular Tetrahedra

We present the construction of a dense, quasicrystalline packing of regular tetrahedra with icosahedral symmetry. This quasicrystalline packing was achieved through two independent approaches. The first approach originates in the Elser- Sloane 4D quasicrystal. A 3D slice of the quasicrystal contains a few types of prototiles. An initial structure is obtained by decorating these prototiles […]