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Transhumanism → Emergence Theory Philosophy

Quantum Gravity Research’s mission statement is: To discover the geometric first principles unification of space, time, matter, energy and consciousness. For me, that mission is a means to an end for the purpose of accomplishing a more important mission: To elevate the consciousness of the human race. Why do that? Because we’re all in this together as a […]

A New Chance at Life: CBD and Pancreatic Cancer

Every year, 55,440 adults in the US are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This is an intractable disease. We all remember when it took the life of Steve Jobs:

The Benefits of Bliss

Cannabis is more than than meets the eye. In the late 1980’s, cannabis receptors were discovered in the brain; shortly thereafter, it was found that the body produces its own cannabis-like substance that it uses to rest and digest. So let’s get clear about what this means. Phytocannabinoids are molecules derived from plants, specifically from […]

Mellow Yellow

In our modern, busy lives, our diets tend to be poor in fruits and vegetables. This is particularly the case for vegetables with bioactive compounds, pigmented plants with bioflavonoids that help reduce the risk of cancer and balance the bacteria in our guts. We’ve lost our anti-inflammatory diet use of probiotics, fermented foods, prebiotics and vegetable matter […]

Eliminating Fear Supports Brilliance

Fear is always there, shaping our behavior. Early on in owning my business, I always wore a tie because I feared if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be respected by the other business people I was meeting and working with. So I gave in, wore a tie and went along with what I thought others wanted […]

My life journey on the fun path

I was raised pretty poor in Los Angeles by a single mother with disabilities in a three hundred square foot, converted motel room. Every year, around New Year’s, my mother would take money from her welfare check and begin making deposits on a layaway program at the local toy store, so that a year later — by Christmas –my sister and I could open about twenty new toys each.

The Golden Ratio and Us

Just over a year ago, I wrote a piece for Quora called “Why is (1.61803399) considered to be a golden ratio?”For some reason, this short piece has garnered a lot of interest, some 100,000 reads. It’s unlike any work that I’ve written before.

Quantum Breakthroughs: The Chemistry of Feynman’s Legacy

Molecules are funny little things.

I don’t mean to be glib. When we’re looking at the deep patterns of molecules, there has always been one fundamental glitch: electrons engage with every other electron in their midst in a quantum mechanical fashion.

Anxious to Be You and Me, and the Tipping Point of CBD

Anxiety affects a significant portion of Americans. The US Department of Health and Human Services states that 35 percent of middle-class Americans have dealt with a physical symptom of stress including anxiety.[i]

Getting neuroplastic

Chronic inflammation and stress affect most Americans. Inflammation is the body’s response to stress of various forms: from our environment, our diets or even excessively loud noises, like living in a big city with constant traffic and horns going off at all times of the day and night. We can also be affected by mental […]

The Pathway Forward: The How of CBD and Exercise

As you know, I’ve been talking a lot about cannabidiol (CBD), to the point at which I’ve been compelled to give away literally $1,000,000 (MSRP) worth of CBD products. That’s because thousands of research studies have shown just exactly how powerful this molecule can be for human health, and how it can be used to treat […]

CBD: Free for You and Me

I’m thrilled to announce that the 2018 Farm Bill (which legalizes hemp federally) has just been signed into law today! And, with that, I’m making a new commitment to my community.

Opening our Minds: CBD and the Brain

We’ve often thought that traumatic and disease-related brain injuries were virtual, if not actual, death sentences. But cannabidiol (CBD) is being used to change the trajectory of the lives of people who are affected by these injuries, preventing perhaps the worst of all health issues. Here’s why.

Opioids: Our Pain, Our Children and New Roads Forward

I grew up pretty poor in Los Angeles County. Even though I lived near rich families and nice suburban neighborhoods, I couldn’t identify with their way of life. From the outside in it looked like those families had it all, so they should be quite happy. But once you take a closer look, suburban areas […]

Nutrition and Preventative Care: What We Need Now

Here’s a couple of staggering facts. The United States spends only $1.5 billion on nutrition research every year compared to around $60 billion on drug research.[1] And just 4% of U.S. agricultural subsidies go to the production of fruits and vegetables, with the rest going towards meat and grains.

Let’s Get to Work: The Farm Bill and CBD

I heard some great news today. Senator Mitch McConnell’s Hemp Farming Act is now one, big step closer to becoming law! The Senate and House Agriculture Committees have struck a deal in principle on the legislation. A few House and Senate Agricultural Committee members issued a press release today stating: “We are pleased to announce that we’ve […]

The Cost of Poor Health Care: CBD and the American Health Care System

 article originally posted on Alternative Medicine I have two missions in life. The first is to discover the geometric first-principles unification of space, time, matter, energy and consciousness. My postings lately have not been about that since I’ve been equally consumed with my second mission, which is to heal the world through plant medicine. Unfortunately, […]

CBD and the Gut: A Cure for Crohn’s?

A fellow scientist and friend of mine suffers from Crohn’s disease, which is a lifelong inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that can cause severe belly pain and chronic diarrhea. In the last few years I’ve gotten acquainted with how this condition can affect one’s life. Not only did he have life threatening incidents due to this […]

There are Molecules, and Then There are Molecules

There are, arguably, five ingestible plant molecules that have changed the course of how we eat and live, and which have had a massive impact on human history. Here’s why I predict cannabidiol (CBD) is the sixth. What we essentially know about wellness is this: the treatment of the whole person includes emotional, mental, spiritual, […]

The Universe and the Human Body: Ideal States and CBD

After researching and benefiting from cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment for my own chronic pain and tendency toward attention deficit disorder, I knew that more people need to be educated on how this can help with their pain, stress, and suffering. So it’s become a part of my personal mission to make that happen in […]

CBD in Your Coca-Cola: Not Yet, But Soon?

Blasting onto newsfeeds in the past 48 hours was an announcement that few expected: Coca-Cola was eyeing the option to develop beverages infused with cannabidiol(CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. By this morning, however, Aurora Cannabis Inc., the Canadian cultivator reported to be in on this product development, said that it has not signed a deal with […]

Stephen Hawking: The Limitless Joy of Discovery

Stephen Hawking was more than just a scientist looking to formulate better quantum equations, explain the inner workings of nature, and create new technology. He was a man filled with joy, consciousness, compassion and passion, and someone who has inspired most, if not all, of us working in quantum fields of science today. Having been […]

It’s All About The Cosmos!

A massive rocket is art in motion — and the beginning of a galactic library — the future is now. I still can’t get over how awesome it was to witness history earlier this month when Elon Musk and SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy rocket into space. It was incredible on so many levels. First, […]

Knowledge is the key.

From social discord to environmental disasters to greed, virtually every problem originates in the lack of knowledge.

All around us, we are witnessing explosive growth of knowledge and invention bringing positive changes and tangible progress.

With that, I focus my resources on areas where knowledge and technology have the greatest impact on world challenges in order to bring about the wondrous future that is clearly just around the corner.

— Klee Irwin